Friday, December 12, 2008


I had a nice comment on yesterday's blog on Motor Trend Magazine from John Fleck. He said reading a Motor Trend Magazine wouldn't provide enough data to say that American automakers are still primarily into muscle cars. John is right. Just go visit a car dealership and see what they are offering. Find me ten American built cars that get 30mpg in city driving.

Last night I watched the original movie, "The Day the Earth Stood Still." It is still a poignant classic and one of my all time favorite movies. Tonight Bobbi and I will go see the new one which probably wont be as good, but any serious scifi movie is okay with me.

If you are interested in a 12 minute video/photo montage of our trip to New Zealand and Australia, here it is as produced on my MacPro.

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Bosque Bill said...

Jim, "The Day the Earth Stood Still," is one of my favorites, too, as it such a wonderful social commentary, as well as, a ripping good tale. Hard to believe a remake will be other than a typical action movie. I look forward to your review.

Speaking of reviews, I give your travelogue two thumbs up. So happy you brought us along on the virtual tour. Amazing what a few geek toys can produce. Lovely land(and sea)scapes. Got a good laugh at your Aussie girl comment! Bet Bobbie loved that :) Thanks for sharing.