Tuesday, November 23, 2010


The Albuquerque Journal, local commercial and public radio, and TV news have all been giving ink and air time to a guy named Paul Gessing of the so called Rio Grande Foundation.  He is a rightwing mouth piece who gets money from unknown sources to continually denigrate environmental protection, social programs, fair tax policy and consumer protection. (He wants to close the Rail Runner service too.) Now an enterprising blogger has called him on his credentials.  This is a must read for those in the media who think he is worth quoting.

My Journal is still being delivered until my subscription runs out.  Wynn Quigley had a great column today about the nut cases that the media turn into pundits, like congresswoman Michele Bachmann of Minnesota.  But then Quigley turns Pete Domenici into a savior on cleaning up the budget mess in this country.  Wynn needs to look at St. Pete's history a little more carefully.  I would argue that he is responsible for the mess and the financial deregulation that got us to this point.  I still think Wynn is one of the bright lights at the Journal along with Leslie Lithicum.  I will miss them when the paper stops landing in the driveway.

We are running off to Phoenix for Thanksgiving with our wonderful daughter Noelle and her significant other Luke.  I plan on buying all gasoline at the New Mexico border so I don't leave any tax money in Arizona that might get used in anti immigrant hysteria.

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Rodney said...

I'd put the equally obnoxious and dubiously qualified Jim Scarantino right along side Gessing. For some reason one can only speculate about, Scarantino has a particular axe to grind with Congressman Martin Heinrich.