Saturday, November 27, 2010

Recipe and Turkeys

I had a request for that brined Turkey recipe that Noelle used on Thanks giving.  Click here to see it.

Also, when I was gone I see that Governor elect Martinez has selected Harvey Yates of Yates Petroleum to be on an efficiency committee during the transition.  When I heard this I wanted to hug all New Mexicans and wish them well.  When the GOP state party chairman and oil magnate gets on an efficiency commission I can assure you that his definition of efficiency will be different than mine.  His will mean no regulation of oil and gas operators that would interfere with profits.  My definition would say, "profit is good, as long as it doesn't result in poisoning my water, air and landscapes."  We are pretty far apart I think.  I wonder if this wanders into the pay for play arena that Martinez says she doesn't like.  Seeing as Yates bankrolled a major part of her campaign I think maybe this could be a sign of things to come.

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Bubba Muntzer said...

Actually, I overheard them discussing ways the state can become more energy efficient. Everything will be converted to hybrid. All the cars, trucks, snow plows, road graders, all the heating and cooling systems, and the computers, copiers, and pencil sharpeners, as well as the governor's new limo, a stretch armored personnel carrier, will be modified to run on either gasoline, diesel fuel, or home heating oil.