Friday, November 26, 2010


I used to like to come to Phoenix, but not so much anymore.  It is to big and the people drive like they are all paranoid schizophrenics. And then there is that whole thing about persecuting immigrants and a crazy sheriff who does it for them.  The politics here are in a sad state of affairs.  Worse than most places.

But, that didn't stop us from having a great Thanksgiving Dinner yesterday.  Noelle's brined turkey was stupendous!  Luke and his mom Sue Orth cut him up.  That is a recipe we must keep.  Next year we will most likely go up to Fort Collins, Colorado for dinner there as Noelle and Luke will be moving north in January.

We are looking forward to driving back through the Salt River Canyon on Saturday.  Truly a beautiful drive that is off the beaten path.  We will end up driving through the plains of San Augustin in New Mexico and come out through Socorro.  We will pass by those radio telescopes that are delving into the secrets of the universe.

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