Sunday, November 21, 2010

Quality of Life

There seems to be little of substance coming out of the Susana Martinez transition so far.  I bumped into Heather Wilson, transition chief,  at the dentist office on Thursday and we exchanged niceties.  I told her to wish the new Governor good luck.

I have a feeling the ones who are going to need good luck are the hardworking environmental and conservation groups in this state.  Whether they deal in water issues, wildlife issues, landscape protection or climate change, I can pretty much assure you that after eight years of cooperation from the governor's office things are now going to get sticky.  With oil that is.  And all fossil fuel energy sources.

We should watch for some key appointments to see just how bad things are going to be.  Who will head the Energy and Natural Resources department?  How about the Environment department?  Who might be general counsel for the governor?   If any of them come from the lobbyists/lawyer ranks for the energy cartels then you can be pretty much assured that New Mexico's quality of life will go into the crapper in favor of climate change based profit.  So watch these appointments carefully.

And my advice to the green groups is to lawyer up.  It is the only hope.  It is a strategy that actually worked well against the bush administration in many ways.

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Bubba Muntzer said...

Why does it seem fitting to me to see the words "dentist's office" and "Heather Wilson" in the same sentence? Maybe because from one of her first votes, to impeach Bill Clinton, to one of her last, to make it illegal for Californians to decide they want less crap added to their food supply by big business than the federal rules allow, she was up there in Washington causing as much pain as possible. Mention of her name, though, is a good reminder. Remember Tom DeLay? The K-Street Project? Remember inviting lobbyists up to capital hill to write their own regulatory bills? Thanks to all of you idiots who fell for the Republican-Fox News fear mongering and race baiting, we have all that to look forward to again.