Friday, November 05, 2010

The Oil Governor

Damn!  It only took one day for Susana Martinez to start delivering for her mega donors to the campaign.  Her first policy decision wasn't one that showed concern for New Mexicans at large.  No,  the first thing out of her mouth was that she would trash New Mexico's Environmental Improvement Board vote to join a regional 'cap and trade' program aimed at lessening climate change.  Of course that means her oil and gas contributors immediately pulled the strings on their very own Governor.  This is a really bad omen. Now she will most likely move to gut the 'Pit Rule" that protects ground water from oil pollution and drilling waste.

Well Susana, we are anxiously awaiting the birth of our first grandchild.  Your position effectively diminishes that kid's quality of life in the future.  All for keeping the oil and gas industry in the money and deep profits.  Did you think of children when you said this?  Did you think of all those scientists who are warning world leaders to get off fossil fuels?  Did you think of New Mexico's own climate future which portends drought and water shortages?  No, you apparently did not.  Did you even give a second thought to this decision or did the oil boys just lead you by the nose?

And so Yates Petroleum owns the Governor's office.


pat rogers said...

Dear Jim:

Congratulations to you and Bobbi on the impending grandparenthood status.
I am going to bet your grandchild will not be born in NM. And that is too bad. Did it ever occur to you that the policies you champion might in fact have an impact on jobs and job opportunities?
Did you ever consider that there may be a limit to the number of government jobs and programs that an expanding economy might be able to support?

Jim Baca said...
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Jim Baca said...

Did it occur to you Pat that jobs are not a good reason to destroy our climate. We do these jobs inside that climate, unless your on the International Space Station. No, your oil and gas guys have to see their profits are not as important as having a living planet.

Tom Ribe said...

The oil industry's argument that increasing pollution creates or preserves jobs is utter nonsense. This is the worst sort of propaganda meant to manipulate the very working people who will be hurt the most by Mrs. Martinez's action on behalf of her funders.

In reality, New Mexico doesn't need the same old roughneck jobs in two corners of the state while the oil industry contaminates ground water for thousands of poor rural residents. We need new high tech manufacturing based on green energy. This will produce far more jobs that the old dirty oil industry.

Meanwhile Mrs. Martinez cut state funding for the movie industry, probably because they are all liberals. In Santa Fe one hotel did $1 million in business with the movie industry last year and that is just one facility!

Martinez is be a disaster. We need to fight her hard starting today. No honeymoon for the Texan! With so much corruption so soon, perhaps we can find a way to impeach her and end the agony.