Saturday, August 11, 2012

Attack with Facts

Mike Corwin at the Independent Source Pac has often been attacked by Governor Martinez's mascots because he dares to use uncovered facts to show the shadowy dealings and personalities in that administration.  I cant wait to see what the Martinez minions  do with the latest revelations from this highly skilled investigator.  Will they use state resources to get back at Corwin?

His latest information on the people who Susanna Martinez surrounds herself with is devastating.  Read it here.  The main thread running through this expose is the domestic violence that stalks her appointees and political advisers.

There are a couple of troubling issues surrounding this.  One is that our newspapers and TV reporters have no clue.  I realize that printed news is on the skids and that it may not be possible for them to do this kind of work any longer.  Empty desks in the Albuquerque Journal newsroom say it all, along with the Journal's spilling of editorial stands into day to day operations of the news desk.  The question now is whether the Journal will just ignore these bombshells.  That couldn't happen, could it?  And TV's so called investigative reporters can only handle the low hanging fruit.

Secondly, in the case of Jay McClesky the uber chief of staff for Martinez who is not a state employee but a poltical pac operator, seems to be running things in the state. Even with his dark past he gets paid big bucks, really big, to run the Governor's PAC and that requires him to rake in the big money from oil, gas, and coal treasuries.  Then he walks onto the 4th floor of the Capitol in Santa Fe and orders up legislation and policy initiatives for those guys.

The Governor is going to have to explain why she has these bullies around her.  Or, she risks losing support from many who were in her court a couple of years ago.

Do your self a favor and read this expose.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree with your assessment of "investigative" reporters. When the Tribune was around there was at least competition. Sad state of affairs in NM that the only newspaper willing to bark at the Governor is located in the liberal city of Santa Fe. The Journal lost its edge long ago and the good reporters (which I can count on 3 fingers) are so worried about getting fired that they don't go as far as they should on their articles/columns/reports. We are living in the city of "Abq-Apathy". Thank you for not allowing this affliction to affect your posts.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, Corwin omits some of the foulest of foul players in Martinez's little play group: Darren White and Paul Kennedy. I hope he has a special article for them...