Tuesday, August 14, 2012


The legislative democrats in New Mexico are setting up some PACS to try and dull the attacks of Governor Martinez's PAC.  You know, the one run by a violent domestic violence perp.  Good luck with all that.  If the dems can raise even as much as what one fossil fuel donor gives to the Governor then they will be a success.  In the end they will get outspent with dirty money.  However, they will still win.

I understand that the democratic party is now getting ready to file  law suits against the Martinez/Duran voter suppression efforts.  They will try and restore the straight party voting option and the efforts to throw long time voters off the registered voter list.  I hope they get good lawyers and do it all quickly.

If the City Council votes to spend $50 million dollars on the Paseo/I-25 interchange with out going to a vote it will be a very bad precedent.  It opens the floodgates to subsidizing the Real Estate industry who loves to sprawl.  This would send a signal that they can ignore the voters on the extension of infrastructure because they know when the transportation systems fail that the council will bail them out.  Frankly, this whole issue has been incredibly mismanaged by the Mayor and Counci.  How could the city attorney not know he couldn't mingle city and state elections?  Or was this all done by design to create a crisis in order to evade an election?


Anonymous said...

If the Dems had good lawyers, they would have sought injunctive relief mitigating the need for a full blown lawsuit. Attorney fees will be high -- again.

Bubba Muntzer said...

Filing suit can bring an injunction, no?

Anonymous said...

Filing for an injunction would prevent a lawsuit where the only ones who win are lawyers.