Thursday, August 23, 2012


A day of touring in Moscow.  This is the New Mexico contingent.  From the left is Susan Feiner  and Peter Whitman of Santa Fe.  Then Diana Otteni and Bobbi Baca, Lee Otteni, a beached whale that looks like me, and Joan and Frank Nordstrum of Santa Fe.

We did the Red Square thing.  Marveled at the famous St. Basils.

Saw a monument to General Zukov. 

And we took a ride on the clean and efficient metro that moves ten million people a day.  The beautiful stations all have a theme.  During rush hour a train comes every 35 seconds.  The system is subsidized by the state.  In the USA the current GOP would hate this public service.  Moscow residents depend on it to keep this city running.

It seems there is a church on every corner.

We had a generally good time.


Bubba Muntzer said...

Very nice! Now we're all getting our money's worth, or your money's worth, or something.

I especially like General Zukov, the red building and the gray statue, where the angle of the building, and the weight of all that color, are interrupted by the block of gray color and the opposing angle of the statue, to balance the photo out visually. This is the kind of thing that makes your photography so interesting, and so good.

Bubba Muntzer said...

Imagine a subway station like that here, where our rulers want to privatize all government services. Our politicians do occasionally erect monuments to themselves, or did -- we do have some (very old now) government buildings that look like Moscow subway stations. But as far as the private sector making art, we have the guy in front of Blake's Lottaburger with poles for legs.

Not what they have in Moscow, where the legacy of Socialism is still very evident. That's a monument to commuters, to the people.