Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Conflicting Views of America

Just about everyone deep down feels good that the USA did very well in the Olympics.  You just can't help it.  We had a bunch of young athletes there in London giving it their all.  Even the ones in less televised sports where you had to wear more than a bikini.  The wont get famous but they still represented us proudly.  Many of them came from backgrounds of poverty and difficulty but they competed for the USA.  No whining there.

Today, thousands of young immigrants lined up to sign up for Obama's road to citizenship.  These people think our country is well worth exposing themselves for.  They would be proud to be Americans.

Then there is the Tea Party types that think there is nothing right about our country.  They and their new hero, VP candidate Paul Ryan, think we are on an abyss because of a national healthcare program amongst other things.    It suddenly came to me today that these poor souls are just depressed because everything isn't perfect.  Hilariously though, the majority of them do get many benefits from the government they hate.  It is just plainly bizarre.

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