Friday, August 10, 2012

Let's Hope

Let us hope for a new day in the nation's capitol as young and smart folks get elected.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York came to campaign for Congressman Martin Heinrich's Senate campaign in Albuquerque and Santa Fe on Friday evening.  She won her seat after Hillary Clinton became Secretary of State.  She is running for a full six year term.

Both Gillibrand and Heinrich, in front of a nice gathering at the home of former Attorney General Patsy Madrid, promised that the issue of climate change would come back on the radar after the election.  It better had because we don't want to see cows and people fighting over an ear of corn as crops fail in a heat induced drought.  I am not sure how they will deal with the wacko anti environment crowd in DC, but they need to concentrate on this.  This is no laughing matter.  And when Obama is reelected he better get on board.


Anonymous said...

So far i think I will take your advice of about a year ago and sit this one out. Don't want to soil my hands.

Bubba Muntzer said...

Indeed he'd better. It's ironic that some of Obama's earliest big financial support came from the biofuel industry when he was in the state legislature in Illinois, where all they do is grow corn.

The BBC keeps repeating that by US law, 40 percent of the corn crop has to go into biofuels, which surely must artificially inflate corn prices and increase the suffering of poor people worldwide and even cause many deaths by starvation. Cargill, Archer Daniel Midland, etc., have made untold millions because of this law.

Thanks to Anonymous for that reminder. We may vote for Obama but let's not forget what we're doing when we do.