Friday, August 24, 2012

Sergiev Posod

We spent the day traveling 70 kilometers to Sergiev Posod to view the 16th Century Monastery.  It is a revered place in Russia.  Many of the people coming here are pilgrims. They probably got there faster than we did by walking.  Moscow traffic is infamous.

They kiss the paintings.

Worship the icons as in the eerie photo I took in near darkness with no flash.  The woman had bowed to the altar.

They work at the shops surrounding the complex of many chapels.

Tourists gawk at the gilded altars.
We had a wonderful time at this special place.

Russian Girls are pretty.  Here is the Barista at the hotel and a two waitresses from our luncheon.

And then life kicks in.

This may well be my last post until 7 days from now when we arrive in St. Petersburg after our riverboat journeys   There will be no internet or phone service.  We will be in old time Russia.

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Bubba Muntzer said...

Amazing. You know, around the fringes of the realm of the Orthodox Church, in Western Europe, you get glimpses of that beautiful and highly ornate art form, as expressed in those buildings and paintings, and you can see pictures in books of the buildings and artwork that's all over those walls, but that, there, was the Mother Lode.

A very entertaining post from top to bottom.