Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I am beginning to get worried about the number of Democrats that are willing to become candidates in the Mayoral and Governor's elections.  So far we have Pete Dinelli in the Mayor's race and Gary King in the Governor's race.  Probably, Dinelli will be the only one to consider in the local race.  Most of the people I speak with think he is a good guy with little chance of winning if he sticks to the public financing effort he is putting forth.  If he doesn't gather that 3500 donations of $5 each then he will be set adrift into a sea of special interest financing aimed at keeping Mayor Berry in office.  If he does make the threshold, then he limits himself to that amount of money and will be further inundated with opposition from special interest corporate Pacs, thanks to the Supreme Court.  He is in a very difficult spot.  Most other possible candidates probably have come to the conclusion that it is a no win situation.  So they opted out.

Gary King called me yesterday while I was kind of busy.  He is looking for early support and money. I like Gary and have known him for years.  I worked for his dad, Bruce King.  I think he may be the only person that will run against the Governor in the upcoming cycle.  If he does I will send him money and support him, but I am waiting out the entry into the Democratic Primary of other candidates who I think could stand a better chance of winning.  I am probably not alone in that predicament.  Most of my friends feel the same way.  They are torn between their like of Gary, but feel a stronger campaigner is needed.  One friend says that Gary feels he is entitled to run because of his dad.  I wonder if that is true.

I think the Democratic Party needs to come up with some new strong leadership and candidate recruiters.  Sam Bregman says he will be that person.  Right now, he looks pretty good to me.


Anonymous said...

You made the associated press coverage on Mary Han.

Anonymous said...

Sam Bregman. Either you really like him or you don't buy what he is selling. I personally enjoying hearing him talk because it reminds me of vaudeville actors. I don't say that disrespectfully.

AG King will make great strides into his candidacy for Governor if he and the federal law enforcement agencies actually solve or arrest or even publicly admit they are investigating Ms Han's tragic death. So here is hoping he does.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. King needs to show that he is aggressive and will dig out the worms from the tree (sticking with the pesticide theme) no matter how long it takes or how high profile they are. The Han family's tenacity is admirable but they can't arrest and prosecute anyone.

Anonymous said...

As NM AG, King hasn't done much to deserve serious consideration as a dem candidate for governor, and has come under attack for his lack of production. I would hope that more forward looking and energetic candidates will run.

Vicki said...

I agree, Gary King is a nice guy, but I don't think he can win against Martinez. The Democratic Party of New Mexico suffers from "patronism" with people selected to run because of their past loyalty to the Party and then we get the wrong candidates (like Diane Denish in 2010). It's not that these candidates aren't fine people who will be good Governors, they just don't draw enthusiasm from the voters. That's why we need several eager candidates to run in the Primary for the Democratic nomination - it will develop interest in the race and different personalities and visions are healthy for political races. The voters should not be presented with "The Candidate They Are Supposed To Vote" by the Democrats. Unless that candidate has popular interest because of what they have been doing and saying for the State, only the most loyal base will show up to vote for the Democrat in November. Gary King hasn't made any noise about Susana, he's been almost in the shadows of her government. What's happening in New Mexico's departments, the lack of transparency, the cozy relationship of her hand-picked staff with special interests like
the mining industry and dairy industry that gets regulations re-written to favor them, the lack of support for a Health Exchange required to be set up this year so the citizens can use it in the Fall to select a health care plan...where is Gary King's public voice on these matters?