Tuesday, March 12, 2013


This morning I dropped by Lowe's to buy some spring fertilizer for the back yard.  My mission was to find fertilizer with out any pesticides or herbicides in it.  It took a while but I found a bag.  Fully 95 % of their stuff were full of chemicals that kill things.

When I got home I received a note about this Forum that will take place here in Albuquerque in April.  It is being sponsored by a group called "Beyond Pesticides." I hope the media will throw a little attention towards it.  I know this stuff can sometimes help farmers and I can deal with it.  But we don't need to throw it on our yards and own gardens.  In our little garden we regularly hunt down the squash bugs and tomato worms and assassinate them with a stick.  It works well.

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Bubba Muntzer said...

The forum sounds interesting. Quite a list of speakers, including Kaiulani Lee and a couple of organic farmers. (Click "For a full list of speakers, click here.")

Click on, comrades.

I read an article awhile back about some organic farmers in northern New Mexico. They said the transition to organic farming wasn't hard because they could never afford fertilizer and pesticides anyway.