Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ettu Steve

I read a story one time by Arthur C. Clarke titled "The 9 Billion Names of God."  The premise was once the human race knew all of those 9 billion names that the universe would cease to exist.

I don't think those 9 billion names will approach the names Steve Alford of the Lobos will be called.  Now that he has bolted to UCLA one day before his new contract starts.  If this doesn't show college basketball athletics for what they are, then nothing will.  It is just a cut throat money business where the big names get everything.  


Local Attorney said...

It seems to me that the Coach had some really good attorneys who out-foxed the Board of Regents. Alford probably played UNM against UCLA to bid on his contract, made certain he had a 48 or 72 hour "think about it clause" and the rest is history. From a legal standpoint (not moral), this was well played.

Donald F. Schiff said...

Good riddance. We didn't need to be paying big money for an underperforming basketball coach.

Bubba Muntzer said...

It is, and the pity of it, to me, is that the sports radio talk show airwaves will be filled with the outporing of anger and anguish it causes, until they move on to their expressions of hopes and dreams for next year.