Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Write a Letter Mayor Berry

Mayor Berry should show some backbone and write a letter to Governor Martinez asking her to veto the tax bill that was passed in the last moments of the session which will absolutely screw his city and the people who live in it.  If he doesn't make this effort he may well open himself to a weakened reelection effort.

Here is a commercial I would script for TV.

While the Corporate lobbyists pushed through another state tax break for their clients at the expense of working people in our city and counties, Mayor Richard Berry sided with the CEO's of the nations biggest corporations.  The tax break will be paid for by the city's residents.  He has betrayed his duty to his city and the citizens who live in it by siding with the corporations and the right wing chamber of commerce.  All so the bottom lines result in even bigger bonuses for corporate executives.  Why did he remain silent?

The video for such an ad would show working people at their jobs and then at home trying to make ends meet.


Bubba Muntzer said...

At least they didn't restrict PACs, so we can raise a few million and run your ad right up until the election.

I hope someone at least calls them on the big lie that tax cuts for corporations translates into jobs. Let's just see how many jobs get created, when the people who support these businesses have less money to spend.

People in business know that's a big lie, this Journalnomics idea that tax cuts create jobs. If you give business people a bunch of money, they aren't use it to hire a bunch of people and make a bunch of stuff and then hope they can sell it. That's not how business works. When you have orders, then you hire people. When you have a reasonable expectation you can sell what new hires will produce, then you hire people, and expand your plant and buy more supplies. If the demand isn't there you'd be an idiot to use your cash to hire people. And if the demand is there, you'll get your money to expand with. Banks and other investors will be salivating over the prospect.

Of course they all sit there and don't say anything, while government argues about how much to cut taxes, cuts government jobs, refuses to stimulate the economy, and makes it harder and harder for we the people to generate an economic expansion, which is the only way one can be generated.

Anonymous said...

He remains silent because he has no backbone and because it is counterproductive to his cronies that are willing to pay $1000/plate for him.

Anonymous said...

from Joe Monahan's blog- you were right Mayor!:


The mysterious death of noted ABQ defense attorney Mary Han has caught the eye of the CBS News broadcast "48 Hours." A producer for the program has been making inquiries about the case which has raised a number of questions about police procedures as well as those of the Office of the Medical Investigator. Attorney General Gary King says his office will take a look at the case. He is also asking the US Department of Justice to investigate as part of its civil rights investigation of APD.

Han, 53 at the time of her death, was a high-profile civil rights attorney who handled a number of lawsuits against the police. She was found dead in her car in her garage in her ABQ home. Authorities ruled it a suicide but the family of Han is suing APD over the investigation and is not convinced she took her own life. No word on whether 48 Hours will produce and air a report on the Han death, but a producer in New York confirms they are investigating.

Anonymous said...

What was he right about? He was almost two years behind what friends and family have been saying since THE DAY it happened to Mary.

Anonymous said...

Accusations from friends mean nothing but Mayor Baca has the experience overseeing APD. If he is brave enough to call the police department out on Ms Han's death he is to be commended.

Anonymous said...

Accusations from friends mean nothing? Really? Nobody disputes his excoriation of Apd. EVERYBODY agrees with that because their "response" was disgusting if not criminal. But if not for friends and her family pushing this then lets be real, Mr Baca was silent on the issue for almost two years. It's easy to say he or anybody else was right when they're after the fact.

Anonymous said...

Baca has been talking about Mary's death for a long time. you haven't been paying attention you idiot.

Jim Baca said...

We were close friends with Mary Han and her husband Ron in the 80's. . There is always someone like the anonymous person who tries demonize motives on my part. Writing about this is difficult If this malcontent wants more attention put on the suspicious Han death, then go out and work some people up about it instead of whining.

local attorney said...

Ms. Han's daughter is doing what needs to be done. I am sure the support of Mayor Baca and Joe Monahan encourage the family's efforts to make sure Mary is not forgotten and she finally gets justice. So thank you Mayor Baca for even mentioning Mary.

Bubba Muntzer said...

In the couple of years I've been reading his web log Jim Baca has weighed in on many things, local, state and national, including but not limited to the mayor, the governor, the legislature, right wing politics, the religious right, the Catholic Church, the economy, the environment, the Republican war on women, and the Albuquerque police, a number of times.

I've read some murmuring about the Mary Hon case but haven't seen anything I'd comment on except for the way the crime scene was handled. There are veiled references made on web posts to possible reasons for possible motives and you can repeat those. There's probably hushed conversations in corridors and over drinks and you can comment on those or repeat what you've heard.

Police get away with things. When I was a reporter I sat across the desk from cops I knew had murdered people or had beat confessions out of young kids or beat up their wives and ex wives and shot up their houses and took out their service revolver and killed the family cat. They were all still cops because they had the approval of the chief or the sheriff, and the local powers behind them.

The police are just part of a larger story about who we are and how the mechanisms by which we live with each other become corrupted. I think Jim does more than his share to help us understand it all.

SoWhat said...

Post or don't post, it matters not to me Jim.

If you knew Ron Noggle, then you knew how much of a drunk and abuser he was. Yet silent you remained. If you thought much was wrong with 11/18, silent you remained until after, what, three front page stories in the Journal you so openly despise so much.

People who stand there like yourself and say "I told you so" don't really add anything. It is undeniably true that by you mentioning anything in support of Ms. Han and her family's effort is a good thing. But please, don't make it out for anything more than what it is: confirmation of what has already been said.

If you want to really be brave, why don't you point out the obvious matter which so many public and former public figures are chickenshit to say: Paul Kennedy's hands are in this crime and they are in it deep. Do we really think for a minute him standing by silent and endorsing the activity while this atrocity occurred doesn't speak volumes? Ms. Han pulling the plug on her partnership with him speaks for itself.

Until then you and your token fans are just sitting on the sidelines, on the bleachers no less.

Anonymous said...

I will send this on to APD so that they might find you and interview you. Or Maybe the FBI. If you have evidence on Mary's death, as you seem to suggest, then I advice you contact them immediately. If not, you seem a little nuts.

Bubba Muntzer said...

Easy to talk like that anonymously.

Google pretty much gives the government what it wants when it wants peoples' identification, so if they want to question this guy they probably can.

I don't know what they do when somebody wants to sue for libel.

Anonymous said...

Your gonna forward on information to the very agency that is being sued? How the heck does that make any sense?!?!?

Pencil Pusher said...

Who cares when/if someone mentions Ms. Han? The blogosphere won't change anything. Giving credit to whomever seems to want it "Mr/Ms Anonymous" wont change anything. The complaint that the family filed does not say anything about murder which you seem to be saying. Mr. Noggle does not deserve to be brought into your conspiracy theory either. Mr Kennedy has done nothing but mourn his law partner. If they were more involved then the criminal investigation will result in that or not. It could be that someone got away with murder or not. That seems to be the problem with how the scene was handled and everybody that was at that house knows it.

Jim is just supporting his friend who died. He is calling on authorities to answer the unanswered questions. He is also mourning the loss of someone he lost. Have some sympathy and shut up.