Tuesday, March 05, 2013


It used to be when I was in appointed or elected office and consumed with some policy or initiative that I would be driving down the street and look at the person in the car next to me and realize the last thing on their mind was the public policy I was wrestling with.

For example,  no one drives around and thinks about the legislature debating permanent fund payout rates.  Or who is running the Motor Vehicle Dept. Or about whether they should worry about  the upcoming city election on runoff elections.  They just want the people who should be running things to do their jobs.

One can only wonder if anyone in the city clerk's office, Mayor's Office, or City Council in Albuquerque were doing any oversight on the upcoming mail in city election.  Did anyone of them even look at the ballots that were to be sent out to the public through the mail to see if they were understandable and user friendly?  I am betting not one of them did so.  Now, the election is suspect because so many votes will not be counted, even after voters were asked to come in and sign their ballots if they had overlooked that little important task.

 The signature requirement and signature line on the ballot envelope were not well done.  If they were then this would not be happening.  Unless, someone wanted to sow a little confusion.  Like that would ever happen.

This is what it should have looked like.

This is an embarrassment for the Mayor's Office, City Attorney's Office and City Clerks Office.  But, no one driving down the road is probably thinking about that.

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