Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Winner

The real winner in the tally of the Albuquerque City Mail in Election will be future Mayors who will be able to claim, unlike me, that they won with a majority of votes now that winning 50% is required under the city charter.  Yes, that means a run off election most of the time.  But so what.

The real losers on this are the Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce and Albuquerque Journal Editorial Board(The Editor and Publisher in other words.)  They are the surrogates of the GOP in this town.  The didn't want this to happen because working people would have to much say in the outcome.  Yes, people in unions.  Another loser is the Berry administration's ham fisted running of the election in which the mail in ballot was a piece of confusing junk.  This should be an embarrassment to him, the city clerk and city attorney.  Where is the professionalism?

Strangely though, I think it is quite possible for Berry to win with out a run off since there are so few people willing to run against him.  People perceive Berry to be a decent guy who has not done anything dishonest and treats people with respect.  That is true and I feel that way too.  But, he seems to be weak in some areas, especially his handling of his police department.  But the general voting public will give him a 'bye' on that one.  Mostly that is because the media has given him a break on this and not badgered him as a responsible party.  That has been heaped on Chief Schutlz who Berry should have put out to pasture a long time ago.   


Anonymous said...

"People perceive Berry to be a decent guy who has not done anything dishonest and treats people with respect."

Whoa, you agree with statement? So as he stands there and FAILS to act while people and their rights are routinely violated, you are OK with this?

While he OMITS information and WITHOLDS disclosure thus aggravating existing problems, you are OK with this?

Sorry, I've meet him numerous times and he is a vindictive, poisonous, and terrified leader. This is what makes him most dangerous....

Even deadly poisons can have the smell of something comfortable and familiar. Almonds anybody?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous....he is talking about perceptions and he is right. That is the reality of things. Are you Pete Dinelli? Hah!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous....he is talking about perceptions and he is right. That is the reality of things. Are you Pete Dinelli? Hah!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for staying on top of the election/runoff issue. You read the Journal, (I would need more meds to do that) and I read you.

Anonymous said...

THe reality of things is Berry has brought this city to it's worst condition in any number of evaluations ever. I agree Mr. Baca routinely points out the local media's total abandonment, if not complete endorsement of all things Berry--and he is totally accurate there. My point is, Berry is NOT a nice guy. He's far from it.

And no, this is not Pete Dinelli. Nice try.

Anonymous said...

This is Pete Dinelli:

The Journal, as well as the major news ourlets, fail to give Mayor Berry the very type of scrutiney you, Chavez and other Democrat Mayors have had to endure and that I have endured during my public service career. I am as Democrat as they come and Mayor Berry is as Republican as they come. Berry opposed the minimum wage and refused to enforce it, while I supported it and would enforce it. Berry opposed the 50% initiative on elections and I supported it and even collected signatures to put it on the ballot. Berry wants a right to work law, and I oppose it. Berry refuses to replace top management at APD and Fire and I have said they need to go. Berry has offered no economic development plan for jobs, and I have done so. Berry wants to spend $20 million to give a face lift to the convention center and I say it is a waste of money. Berry does not support an events center and I say it is long over due. Berry hired Darren White and I said it was a mistake. You say Berry is a nice guy and will probably be re-elected. I ask that you reconsider. Being a nice guy does not make you a good Mayor.

Best wishes.

Pete Dinelli

Anonymous said...


Why do you and other readers continue to mix up reality and perception. The reality is that Berry seems to be what Baca says people perceive him as, a nice guy. The reality might be different, but that is life. It is going to take more money and personality in the race to erase that. So far I don't think you have shown what it takes.

PrivateSchoolTeacher said...

The teachers at my school really like Berry for various reasons: he seems nice, approachable, happy, amiable, he likes the animals at the zoo, he doesn't talk too much, he shakes their hans, goes to their church, talks to people not down at them.

All of which has nothing to do with being a good mayor but, other than Domenici, most politicians are elected because of their popularity. The best chance for Dinelli is to convince the voters that he is going to give them a safer city to live in. Maybe he can join King and start demanding answers about what really happened to Ms. Han? People want to know more about her.

Anonymous said...

"Unavailable for comment" is the motto of the nice guy mayor. Or is he mayorless. What a joke.