Monday, August 25, 2014


We sailed into Norway today.  Certainly it is a rugged, but beautiful landscape.

The fish market has some really ugly fish hanging up.

We heard this was an expensive place.  It is.  I got out 600 Kroner from an ATM.  That was over $100,  We went to coffee and one cup plus a really good cinnamon roll cost $14.

Sweaters cost 300.   Lunch on a BLT for $20.  We ate on the ship.  On to Alesund, Norway tomorrow.

But is was a nice visit where we were joined by Rotterdam’s sister ship, the Ryndam.

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Kay Nixon said...

My friend from Albuquerque High has a really nice farm in Norway that takes guests. You should stay there sometime instead of the cruise ship trip. experience. That's one nice thing about growing up in the U.N.M.area is that you go to school with the faculty's children from all over the U.S. and the world.
I'm going for two weeks in Ireland in October so than you for posting pictures of your trip. One week will be on my cousin's tour of Ireland with FitzGerald relatives and his fans. I get to meet some British relatives on this tour. The next week I'm spending with my sister in Ireland and Northern Ireland.
I've been watching the dollar exchange rate and the central banks policies. Right now the dollar is strong. It's at a better rate than years ago the new Federal Bank is focusing on achieving more employment in the U.S.. and consumer spending. The Bank of England has the same policies, so both are hitting the stock markets and corporations. I think that they are moving away from Alan Greenspan's low interest rate policies. The dollar traded at $1.33 per Euro and $1.65 per Pound sterling today. i hope the dollar goes up for my trip to Ireland. The new Fed chair woman is great!