Thursday, August 07, 2014

The Campaign of Hate

You see the ads everywhere and they have been placed by Governor Susana Martinez and her minions.  They don't talk about a better economy, or a clean environment, or compassion.  No, they talk about a certain group of people who you should hate.

I see these ads on Facebook.  Sign a pledge or petition if you hate drivers licenses for immigrants.  Also, beat up on people who receive food stamps because they are all lazy bastards. (Even though most of them work at minimum wage jobs already.)  Sign a petition to protect rights to own assault rifles from those who think that is not such a great idea.

You can see the messages here.  These are people to be hated because they disagree with you.  That is the kind of Governor we have.  How can we possibly succeed in this multicultural state with that kind of rhetoric going around?

How can we unite in the Land of Enchantment when we have a leader whose only road to staying in office is to splinter our state's populations based on nationality and political persuasions?

Will we get to the point that Texas finds itself now, where Governor Perry is sending machine guns to the border?

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Bill Bullion said...

Looks like Texas and New Mexico are in lock step together on this border and immigration stuff - funny both have dumb and dummer for governors.

Had planned on coming back to NM to retire but think I will stay in Tex - at least the economy is better - for now.