Sunday, August 31, 2014


We have never had a trip that went as well as this sojourn to Ireleand, Scotland and Norway.  Everything was about as perfect as it could have been.  One of those confluence of good things that occasionally happen in the universe.

Lots of talk in Europe about Russia and the Ukraine.  One night the Rotterdams theater show featured Scorpion's song called 'Wind of Change', which was written about 15 years ago about the then positive changes in Russia.  Every Russian should listen to this again.


Bubba Muntzer said...

Many Europeans I'm sure are aware that the changes that took place in Russia 15 years ago under that drunken US handmaiden Boris Yeltsin are in many ways responsible for the situation today. Yeltsin as they'll recall sold off, almost gave away, practically all the Russian peoples' (state-held) assets to his cronies who are now among the richest people in the world while Russians themselves enjoy half the living standard they did 15 years ago.

Yeltsin's actions only encouraged American Neocons to push forward with their long held dreams of US global domination, thinking they had no impediment any more. Those plans, which led us ito Iraq and are still being pursued by Obama, have caused the US to recklessly destroy half the Middle East - Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen and Libya - and nearly start a war against Iran and have caused the mushrooming of Islamic militant groups culminating in ISIS and the probable re-entry of US ground forces into Iraq.

Those plans for global domination have been behind the relentless expansion of US-led NATO -- nine Eastern European countries and three former Soviet Republics have joined NATO since the dissolution of the Soviet Union -- so that NATO troops, weapons, ships and missiles, and the destabilizing anti ballistic missile batteries, not only surround Russia now but sit on it's borders. The people of Europe see change in this context, of reckless US expansion while Russia has not pursued expansion in any way at all and legitimately feels threatened.

The European media is a little different than the US media. The US media either don't know or willingly won't mention that the current situation in Ukraine is the doing of the US and is just another part of its attempt to surround and emasculate Russia. The US provoked the situation in Ukraine. It was behind the Euromaidan protests and the subsequent coup by a gang of fascists against a legitimate, elected Ukraine government. Remember that the US immediately recognized the coup government, which then passed a flurry of laws, like outlawing the Russian language and outlawing demonstrations, and that implemented US-style austerity measures - i.e., cutting services for the working class so taxes can be slashed for the rich, that caused serious concern among Ukraine's Russian speaking east and southern regions.

Except this time the US wasn't bullying some small, defenseless country but Russia, and we are in danger of a very serious situation. Very reckless indeed and no one's fault but the US.

Anonymous said...

Winds of Change was actually released by Scorpions in January of 1991. It was inspired by their 1989 Visit to Moscow and the onset of Glasnost. Great song.