Monday, August 11, 2014

Missing Nothing

Bobbi and I have started our packing ritual.  We have our checklists and bags laid out in various places.  We try to specialize in not over packing for our sojourns.  This trip will be a sixteen day jaunt to Ireland, Scotland and Norway.

We will spend a couple of days in Amsterdam before boarding the MS Rotterdam for the cruise.  We have tickets for the Van Gogh museum this Friday evening.  It should be fun.  Who can not love 'Starry Night.'

One of the things we enjoy on the ships are dinner with the other nationalities.  It is always good to hear their take on the politics in the USA.  They are very knowledgable about our system and can usually give an independent view of our state of affairs.

One of the things I won't be trying to instruct them on is the state of politics in New Mexico.  After being gone for a couple of weeks I am sure we will have missed nothing.  Our Governor's race is going as predicted.  Nothing is happening, even in the presence of the largest economic meltdown in our state's history.  Gary King and Susanna Martinez talk about everything but that.  In fairness to Gary, he may be talking about it but no one is taking notice since he has no money for TV ads.  And that means the media has little to do because all they cover in politics anymore are the TV ads.  I will try to explain that, however, to out international table mates.


Bubba Muntzer said...

That should be a great trip. Good for you guys.

Looking on a map it looks like you will cover some territory.

I was going to remind to to take your camera, but that's such an obvious thing it might sound rude to mention it so I better not.


New Mexican said...

Gary King cannot win, Susana knows it, I know it, the Democrats at the pre primary knew it. The only one who does not know it is Gary King.

I have never voted for a Republican and will not do so now, but I will not vote for Gary King.

He spent all kinds of money trying to destroy Rebecca Vigil-Giron, fought with out State Auditor, Hector Balderas and who knows how much money and time he wasted trying to stop the horse slaughter plant in Southern New Mexico.

I will forgo voting for governor and prepare for another 4 years of junk politics thanks to Gary King. What a waste!!!

Anonymous said...

Agree with New Mexican! There are better persons out there who could make a positive difference in NM's future. What we have is more of the same old crap!

Bubba Muntzer said...

So what about the issues raised by the New Mexican and Anonymous? Are we stuck with the political morass that we have? How would one go about reforming the New Mexico Democratic Party?

Jim Baca said...

Until the oil and gas boys and other corporate folks stop running our elections and country then we will have no reform. All of our so called leaders in the executive are pretty much controlled by those folks because of unfettered access to their money for campaigns. The system is totally broken and reform is probably not going to happen until we get a new Supreme Court or a Constitutional amendment to stop them.