Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Worse and Worser?

Worser probably isn't a real word.  But it describes the news from Intel Corp. today.  The company who has been whittling down their Rio Rancho operations which were once touted as their most productive, has announced $100 billion dollars for investment over thirty years in Oregon's Intel facilities.  That kind of begs the question of 'what happens next in New Mexico?'

Now, one would wonder if any political leader in New Mexico was even aware of this development.  I am betting they were not.  They are still hunkered down in their neo con fourth floor at the state capitol where their efforts are centered on drivers licenses for illegals, vilifying food stamp recipients, and generally bitching about taxes for their fossil fuel masters.

We are so screwed.

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Anonymous said...

I lived in Portland for about 4 years on and off, some of it with Intel. My wife and I are retiring there, because the quality of life is better. This is because the people there demand it and are willing to pay for the infrastructure. There are problems there and everywhere else in America,, but they generally move forward, not back.
Sadly, New Mexico has blown it's potential. Right wing tribalism and vested interests have turned the state into a political and economic wasteland. Young people in my family and neighborhood are leaving as fast as they can.
The voters here must like the blend of greed and incompetence, because this is what they vote for. As a veteran, I find it amazing that so many retired vets and gov't workers vote for a party that wants to take away their pensions, let our infrastructure degrade, and gut education. I guess they would rather let the place rot than invest in something that might help "those people". I really can't think of any other reason.