Friday, August 01, 2014

So Long Dick Knipfing

My old friend and coworker Dick Knipfing presented his final newscast at Channel 13 on Wednesday night.  Over the last 51 years he probably did from 20 to 30 thousand of them.  Quite a record.

I did a small interview with Kim Holland about Dick.  She did a great job recalling his career by rounding up past colleagues to talk about him.  It was all pretty positive.

Except for the fact that on his final newscast this experienced journalist was forced to lead with a story about an injured cat.  What a crude and ignorant thing to do to Dick.  I was outraged.  But when you think about it, Dick is leaving a great journalism career at the right time.  Just before journalism's final meltdown into the Twitter Universe and cat video mania.  All you aspiring journalists should read this.

And then corporate America, which pretty much already controls information we get, will have their own way with our citizens by convincing them that black is white.


Anonymous said...

some good information about the opulence of archbishops in their personal living arrangements:

Anonymous said...

Dick was by far the best news anchor for many years.
Too bad he stayed on the job about five years too long.
And in his last years he would sell out a friend for a couple of rating points.
One has to know when to fold them...

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a pissed off UNM Prof? Possibly? You know who I mean.

Anonymous said...

You would be po'd too if you had been charged with many false allegations by our lying, corrupt police force and by Dick K who just regurgitated the false charges and exploited this APD publicity stunt instead of investigating the situation, discovering the TRUTH and reporting the FACTS. Instead, the local media, especially the Journal and DK's station engaged in scurrilous tabloid journalism. Then when the courts threw out the case, there were hardly any reports on this. And Dick's station felt the need to keep running old file videos and repeating the falsities for months and years after the case was closed.
Just reply here using your email address, and I will send you some FACTS on the case.
(Of course,losing one's reputation due to false allegations, lies,fallacious, scandalous reporting is no reason to be upset!).
BTW, a few true journalists actually APOLOGIZED to me for just parroting the corrupt APD allegations and exploiting the case.
'Nuff said?

Anonymous said...

No Need to be coy, "Anonymous."
There is no need for me to hide. Dick K and the local media spread the lies and false allegations about me worldwide. These "sensational" fictions were picked up by AP and even appeared on the front page of Google. This is F. Chris Garcia--christened Flaviano Cresencio Garcia--whose name was changed by the Catholic sisters at St.Francis. I am a 13th generation New Mexican and a 4th generation Albuquerquean. My boyhood days were spent in the barrios of Martineztown and Barelas. The first in my family to go to college, I worked my way through UNM and the Univ.of California, Davis, earning a BA, MA and Ph.D.
My reputation was destroyed by the tabloid journalism of Dick K. and his ilk in the local media. Dick never even called me or asked to interview me.

Again "Anonymous," let me know your email address, and I will send you the FACTS of the case, something which was never presented by the "investigative station" led by Dick K.