Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Where's Waldo

This is a picture of Mayor Richard Berry of Albuquerque.  Has anyone seen him?  I thought sure he would be on TV defending his city after that awful oped in the New York Times on Sunday.  It did us a lot of harm even though its main premise was questionable.  I don't think those young hoodlums killed those homeless men because they saw the police doing the same thing.

But, I digress.  Will anyone on the city council throw a message over their new security wall that might say something nice about our city?   Maybe they could even write a letter to the Editor at the Times saying most people here are good folks.  Because they are.

No, instead of responding to the PR disaster they just disappear into the ether.  What else can be said?  


Anonymous said...

I saw Berry the other morning, he was heading into his bunker (behind all the locked doors and security guards) on the 11th floor.

He is out of touch on everything not personally important to Richard Berry and his campaign contributors. Just like Susanna he only wants to keep the money folks happy, to heck with the rest of us.

And shame on Ken Sanchez for allowing another wall to be built.

Anonymous said...

I think our 'esteemed' Mayor is hunkered down in Dick Cheney's old 'bunker in an undisclosed location."

I can't believe The Wall. Emblematic of the Mayor and the Council's opinion of the Public who pays their salaries.

We vote too. I won't forget this insult.

Anonymous said...

He is in the same hole he hid in during the James Boyd murder by APD.

Anonymous said...

He is still in Brazil, no wait he was camping, no wait, he won't say, and the media won't ask

Richard Berry where were you during the 8 days you disappeared after the Boyd shooting? Why did your staff say Brazil? Did the taxpayer pay for Brazil? Why won't you say? The media needs to expose his whereabouts.

Anonymous said...

I think Berry becoming mayor of Albuquerque is a prime example of the Peter Principle at work. The guy was pretty successful in business and an average legislator. He is in way over his head as a Mayor similar to Susanna as a governor. However, it shows how lacking the Dem party is in leadership given that these two hold the highest political positions in the state outside of the Congress. I like Hector Balderas's chances for Gov once Susanna's 2nd term runs out provided Gary King does not pull off an unforeseen upset.