Sunday, September 10, 2017

I'm Baaack

Okay, four months off from blogging after 12 years of whining.  I have recharged my whining angst and will start blogging a few times a week.  After having to endure the last few months of the trump era of chaos I just have to get back in gear.

If you haven't seen the story about the ringer in the wings for being appointed to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals seat, then you should read it in the Journal this a.m.  This 33 year old mystery gift from trump probably will get no where, but just the fact that he is in the running is pretty scary.  This seat on the Court usually goes to a New Mexican.  This guy is from DC and has little or no experience in the legal profession.

My feeling is that he is a mascot for the extreme right and fossil fuel boys.  But really, who knows? Our delegation will hopefully stand firm against him.

Over the next week I plan on spending a little time on the almost invisible Albuquerque Mayors Race.  I am supporting Tim Keller, a guy who actually wants to do things rather that just being there.  More later.


Lorri said...

We,come back!

Vicki said...

Thanks for posting, Jim. Voting for Tim Keller as the Mayor of Albuquerque is absolutely the best thing we Democratic voters can do.

Anonymous said...

Keller is a nice guy. Balderas and Colon will get him in the end. Too much of a money advantage coming down the stretch run.