Monday, September 11, 2017


Of course we knew it would happen.  Tim Keller is the front runner in the Albuquerque's Mayor's  race so every other candidate is out with their knives trying to pare him down to third place to keep him out of the run off.  He is being accused of abusing the Public Financing of his campaign.  It is a serious allegation, but what he is doing was done in the past by other mayoral candidates and  City Council candidates in their races.  But, the allegation probably will get traction from the ABQ Journal Editorial Board who just cant stand to see progressives in office.

The Mayor's race here is almost invisible.  It is covered up by trump, DACA, a string of hurricanes, and voter apathy.  So, the person who wins will be the one who gets his voters out in what could be an all time low turnout if this trend continues.

Now, Keller just needs to do the basics.  He needs to address the allegations so there is no where to go for the media.  He needs to point out that all of the other candidates are taking in large amounts of money from special interests who are only setting up sweetheart deals with their candidates.

We actually need a Mayor in this city who is more interested in just 'being there.'  Keller actually wants to get some things done.  The rest of the candidates mostly want to have a title.

Now, read this to see how Susana's state leadership is on display as Amazon looks for a second HQ.  Poor NM.  Surrounded by potential but left at the altar.   

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Vicki said...

I will vote for Tim Keller.