Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Crime.  A big issue in Albuquerque.  The Mayor's candidates think so, as I do.  The guy who was found driving my stolen car down near the border in Luna County was a habitual offender.  He got 18 months in the county jail.  And a promise that the next offense when he gets out will get him a lot more time.  So, he will eventually get a lot more time.  There was so much Meth residue in my car that the insurance company totaled it.

More cops would help, a little.  But in the end a more prosperous economy would help a lot more.  It is no accident that Governor Susana's state has about the lowest economic growth in the nation, and one of the largest crime problems.  I pin this problem on her complete lack of any economic development program.  Oh sure, she wants lower taxes but if gang members are stealing thousands of cars a month then who wants to locate here.  And the current Mayor's total lack of a competent police command structure has made ABQ ground zero.  I just can't understand how he has put up with this.  There must be some reason, right?

I recall that when I worked for Mayor Harry Kinney that the crime rate went down when the police went on strike.  A lot of people made it known they were armed and would shoot if they thought a criminal was taking advantage of the police walkout.  I hope we don't get to than point. But, it could happen.  That whole vigilante thing.


Anonymous said...

As a former 15 year resident, at one point I considered retiring back in ABQ. I will no longer consider it due to the crime situation. I am concerned about even as short stay to visit friends.

Donald F Schiff said...

My car was stolen 3 times last year. I moved to OR mainly for health reasons, but the lousy economy and crime wave certainly didn't encourage me to stay.