Wednesday, February 18, 2009

City Politics

There is ominous silence so far from all of the candidates who are running for Mayor about city finances. This includes the Mayor himself. Although Mayor Chavez recently admitted we were in a recession he has not come up with any real vision of where we go from here. All of the other candidates just say we need to change the way things are done at city hall. This is hardly dealing with reality.

Of course everyone says ethics and reform are necessary but the issue with the voters right now is whether they and their kids will have jobs. I have a feeling many older voters are staying in their jobs rather than retiring because they feel they may need to help their less secure offspring. If the truth be told, that lurks in my mind as well.

The news today that Eclipse Aviation has furloughed 800 workers is a bummer. I think they will be recalled but they are really at the mercy of the company's buyers and their ability to borrow money to seal the deal. They just wont be bringing in any money for a time and that is not good.

After watching last night's edition of Frontline on PBS, which dealt with the financial meltdown last fall, I headed to the alka seltzer packets I keep in my drawer. We live in interesting times.

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