Sunday, February 22, 2009

Playing Favorites

The one thing that frustrates me in my love hate relationship with the Albuquerque Journal is their playing of favorites. Today they got all over the Governor for the increases in the State budget over the last six years. Okay, there is nothing wrong in doing that story. But will we ever see an above the fold story on the stupendous increases in the City of Albuquerque budgets over the last seven years? Is it to hard to figure out why the Fire Fighters Union has endorsed Mayor Chavez before he has even announced? Will someone check out the increases in salary for Firemen and Policemen that Marty has handed out in bad economic times. No wonder there was a firefighter at my door yesterday trying to get me to give five bucks to the Mayor so he can get public financing for his campaign even though he hasn't announced yet.

One should remember that the City Council and the State Legislature also had a role in these budgets and that can be a matter of discussion too.

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John Fleck said...

Dan McKay did a great story last April, front page above the fold, documenting the increases in the city budget under Chavez with a devastating graphic showing the growth.