Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Taxes! and the Seven Works of Mercy

The Albuquerque City Council approved tax breaks for General Mills to expand their plant. Cheerio!

The DC meat grinder did not approve of a tax break for Health Department nominee Senator Tom Daschle and he pulled back under pressure after overlooking 400K in revenue from being provided a car and driver. (What the hell kind of car was that?) Frankly, I was more concerned about speakers fees from the Health Care industry than his tax problems, but still he would have done an okay job in that Cabinet position. However, if you or I had overlooked that much in revenue I think we would have been in La Tuna for a while.

The Archbishop and Catholic Church, and other right wing church groups, guaranteed continuing health care woes for some people in New Mexico by pressuring lawmakers in Santa Fe to not pass a domestic partners bill. So much for health insurance for those partners. Wasn't one of the "Seven Works of Mercy" we good Catholics were supposed to do called "Visit the Sick"? That was what I was taught at Our Lady of Fatima School as a child. Well, I guess that was only for certain people. Pedophile clergy were provided with health care and counseling I am sure. Of course one of the other works of mercy was "Bury the Dead" and maybe this fills in the gaps for not helping the sick.

I can hardly stand this kind of hypocrisy any more.

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AHD said...

You are so very very entertaining...please continue blogging. You bring a light 'giggle' to conservative democrats, republicans, and Mayor Chavez every day.