Saturday, February 21, 2009


I am probably going to regret saying this, but I think the idea of a Department of Hispanic Affairs in state government is totally counterproductive. What is next? Where does this stop? Why on earth do we need it?

Look at our political landscape in New Mexico. A high percentage of power brokers are Hispanic. Our Governor, Congressman Lujan, numerous leaders in the Legislature, the Supreme Court and Appeals Court, Mayors, District and Metro Court Judges, City Councillors, County Commissioners, School Board members and other office holders are Hispanic. It is not like we have no political power.

Believe me, this is about one thing. It's purpose is to create a new State wide Cabinet level department that will hand out some jobs to the supporters or friends and family of the supporters of this ill advised legislation.

We are all New Mexicans and we don't need this kind of divisive government where professional victims will come to hang out.

Do we have some problems in the Latino community? Yes. But we also have great success just like other segments of our multicultural society. This bill would result in the building of walls instead of building communities.

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