Monday, February 16, 2009


I have been spending a lot of time in Santa Fe trying to pass some legislation. It is a difficult year. It is sad to see so many desperate people up there lobbying to save their state government funded programs. The truth of the matter is there is no money for anything and it might get worse next year. Everyone really does have to sacrifice. There is not much choice.

I see where former one term Republican Senator Harrison Schmitt takes the position that global climate change is not being cause by humans. I disagree with him but I am concerned that his charge that it is all being made up to get more government control of peoples lives will strengthen the right wing nuts in their blaming job losses on the issue. I always liked Schmitt. One time my son Justin and I went on a bus tour that he hosted to teach Geology to young people. He did a great job. I am sorry to see him get to this point. I firmly believe that we are conducting a giant experiment on the earth right now by ignoring climate change. If humans are not causing it, we win and the theory supporters look dumb. If humans are causing it and we do nothing then the experiment blows up in our face.I see my old childhood Catholic church is bringing back "indulgences". That is where you pay money to the church to get 'good time' in purgatory where you go to suffer for your sins after dying.. I wonder if pedophile priests can buy some.

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Dr. Know said...

I, for one, have certainly had enough of "unexpected things" blowing up in our faces. Prudence demands caution.