Thursday, February 26, 2009

DC Musings

I stopped by the offices of our Senators and Representatives. Poor Tom Udall. He is stuck in temporary quarters in the basement of the Dirksen Office Building along with other new Senators until their offices can be ready upstairs. That could be six more months as other more senior Senators must make up their minds on which offices they want. It is kind of a dominos thing....Meanwhile, Udall's office looks like the seventh circle of hell and is almost that deep in the DC earth. There are not even any good directions to his place. He came out to a bunch of people lined up in a tiny corridor and all I could say was.... 'Lovely place you have here Tom." I thought a pair of eyeballs could never roll that far back in ones head. Actually, he was good natured about it...I think.

Ben Ray Lujan's Office in the Canon Building is nice and was full of folks. I saw him in the hallway and then met with his amicable staff.

Harry Teagues office is in the basement of the Longworth building. I have to say the staff there was less than amicable. To busy to be bothered I guess.

Martin Heinrich's office is very organized, polite and efficient. They are on the 5th floor of Longworth and they have nice quarters. Martin and I went to lunch and he talked about his life so far. I hope he keeps a diary. It would be great for his kids to read some day.

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