Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Ugh #1. Every time I say to someone that I think the stock market is near bottom it loses another 3%. It is now at its lowest point in a decade. Where were you ten years ago? I was starting a job as Mayor of Albuquerque and was trying to handle a giant deficit left me by Marty Chavez. So the angst has not changed much. I have a feeling that Marty is feeling some of that angst now because of a much unreported meltdown in city revenues.

Ugh #2. Rebecca Vigil Giron, our former Secretary of State, will probably be next in line for a grand jury experience as a result of an audit let out by State Auditor Hector Balderas. Three million dollars she paid to a consultant as part of a six million dollar federal voter education grant can not be accounted for. I will tell you that if it weren't for the current economic crisis that this would be getting a lot more attention.

I would be upset that all of these Democrats, think State Treasurers, State Senators and lobbyists, might be making a bad name for Democrats in the next election, but then we know the one republican office holder, Land Commissioner Pat Lyons, has problems too. It is just that the US Attorney for some reason wont look at his pay for play with Dona Ana County developers.

I suspect though that all of this is submerged in the current fear of total global economic disaster.


Nob Hill Ward Chair said...

You mean the US Attorney is a partisan hack? Who knew? ;-)

NewMexiKen said...

Take a look at this chart of the Four Big Bears. It might convince you that the bottom in your Ugh #1 is not yet in sight.

Didn't you forget the guv in Ugh #3?