Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Tonight Bobbi and I will watch the State of the Union Address for the first time in six years. I just couldn't bring my self to watch bush. Who needs nausea?

I am taking a few days off to mix business with pleasure in Washington, DC. It should be interesting to see how the atmosphere is there, after the change and a month of a new administration. I have to think it will be a lot better that it was last fall before the election. I will both be conducting some official business there but because we will join up with our kids, Justin and Noelle, we will pay our own way. I will be meeting with our new congressmen to brief them on some work we must do with Los Alamos National Labs, DOE and the Justice Department.

On Saturday we will go to Gettysburg National Park. It will be my fourth visit there and a chance to see the new visitors center. It is such a historic place to visit and meander around for a day. If you are interested in what happened there just read "Killer Angels".

We may get a chance to see Interior Secretary Ken Salazar at a breakfast. I hope so. Will blog from the road.

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