Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Back and Forth Triple Dippers

Have you ever watched people watching a tennis match? It is funny how their heads go back and forth...back and forth. They could just as well be watching County Commissioner Alan Armijo and County Commissioner Michael Brasher. These two guys are making an art out of jumping between political offices. They both served two terms on the city council. Now they are both completing two terms on the County Commission. YUP! Now they are both looking at running for city council again. Is there some sort of retirement benefit for them in doing this? Who knows?

This back and forth routine might not be all bad...or all good. I just don't know. But I will not buy the argument that it makes for better relations between the city and county because of the knowledge base of these 'triple dippers'. I don't believe relations have improved that much between the city and county.

There is always an argument for new blood in any organization. This is probably true in this situation.

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