Monday, March 30, 2009

Lazy Weekkend

After reading the bizarre tale of Attorney General Gary King's investigators hassling State Auditor Hector Balderas I sort of had a 'brain freeze.' What the hell is that all about and is it really necessary?

After that Bobbi and I had a lazy weekend to celebrate her 57th birthday. We ended up at the Museum of Albuquerque on Sunday to look over the exhibit on the Alvarado Hotel. It was a great look at that historic place. I remember I was a reporter back in the early 70's when the Alvarado met the wrecking ball. I filmed the destruction and always felt it was a big loss for the city. As a child my parents would take us to Sunday brunch occasionally and I would hang around the large fountain. We would go there to catch the train for our trips to Washington, DC where my mother's parents lived.

There was a impressive crowd at the museum Sunday. Lots of folks my age were there, but also students taking notes. It is really a nice museum and the new addition that I funded as Mayor makes a great statement. Actually, the people of the city funded it with their vote and they are the ones that deserve the credit for doing so.

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Bosque Bill said...

Yes, the Alvarado Hotel exhibit at the museum is very interesting and brought back many memories. Our family, too, would go there for Sunday breakfast (I remember loving the corned beef hash with a poached egg on top with their special chile sauce.)

The museum is an asset for the city.