Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Memo to U.S. Attorney

Today Senator Manny Aragon will be sentenced for corruption. The U.S. Attorney can thank an accountant, Judy Wagner, for putting this case together for him. Manny and the rest of his co-conspirators will get what they deserve.

Now the US Attorney should use another accountant to investigate State Land Commissioner Pat Lyons on 'Pay for Play' issues. That accountant would be the State Auditors Office under the leadership of Attorney Hector Balderas. The story in the Albuquerque Journal today quoted Balderas as saying, 'the audit will cover instances of financial benefit in exchange for land transactions; transactions executed between government employees and appointed officials; and whether transactions were improperly influenced by relationships between parties."

This sounds serious and once again points out the need for modern day checks and balances to be applied to the State Land Office. I think this time there will be a serious look at Lyon's administration of the Land Office. Will the U.S. Attorney finally notice?

Of course Lyons is saying this investigation is occurring because he is a republican.

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