Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Big Picture

It is still early in the Albuquerque Mayor's Race. However, not one of the candidates so far has given us the 'BIG PICTURE' of what our city would be like after four years of the next administration. What is the overarching goal? Will everyone, as ususal, fall back on crime reduction as the major issue? Or will someone just lay out for us their vision for a better city?

The Mayor has not done so. Richard Romero has not done so. The republican candidate seems to be running on one issue only, and that is that he is a republican.

Big ideas have a place in politics. President Obama knows that and used it in his campaign. It would be nice for the candidates for Mayor to clue us in too.

I might also add that candidates for Governor better be doing the same thing. So far, they haven't either.

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