Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lost Opportunities

I don't follow sports much. I have a passing interest in Lobo Basketball and Football, but nothing that makes me want to put a UNM license plate on my car. (Ever notice how cars with those plates are always speeding?)

Anyway, a great opportunity has been lost as the "PIT" undergoes major renovation. They city and the University should have talked to each other about this a long time ago. If both entities had just put a little effort into it, we could have had a world class all purpose arena built that would have ultimately saved a lot of money in the long run. But of course, that would have meant that some one's turf would need to be ceded a little. I remember when I was Mayor I tried to interest UNM in building some of their dorms downtown. It was actually closer than some of UNM's parking lots to the main campus. They told me to stuff it.

The lack of vision on the part of UNM and the City/County governments seems to have worsened. They all act like separate sovereign entities that would rather fight that create a little synergy.

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