Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hell Freezes Over

The legislature passed campaign contribution limits. Hell has frozen over! It is a great day. Now the oil and gas industry will have to act in bad faith when they purchase land commissioners and other elected officials via the campaign contributions that they could make under the old law. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations by very few people will now be more difficult. Subterfuge will need to be used, and undoubtedly will, but still this is a great thing the legislature did.

In another bill the legislature has decided to create subclasses of state government employees with their law aimed at stopping double dipping. If the state wants to stop this practice that is fine. (Remember, I am a double dipper.) That might be a good thing and it might not. But what the passed legislation does is make it possible for some employees to return to work with out being monetarily effected while others are severely constrained. You can be sure any policeman who wants to return to work after retiring with 20 years service will be allowed to do so with little effect on their salaries. But a sanitation worker, (who statistically has a more dangerous job) would not be allowed to make more than $30K if he goes back to work. This hardly sounds like equal protection. The way I look at this is that both occupations deal with the health, safety and welfare of the public.

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Dan said...

I don't really understand why pensions aren't suspended when the employee goes back to work. I'm sure not doing so is the letter of the law but I don't understand the intent of the law.

For me the best thing about the campaign contributions limit is that it practically ensures that SunCal won't receive their TIDD next year either. The metro area is going to have enough trouble incorporating Mesa Del Sol without a whole new Rio Rancho opening up too. Who is it that these developers think are wanting to buy all these new houses?