Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Like Newspapers

Damn, I am on the outside again. Read this.


Jimbo said...

The article says a lot more about American society than it does about newspapers. We are a nation that relishes its "dumbness." (Think about our leader of the past eight years and the slumber that ensued as basic Constitutionally guaranteed rights were stolen from us, etc., etc., etc.)

As long as we have NASCAR, High-Def. TV and a supply of sugar-laden snacks, we're content to park our fat butts in our couches oblivious to the ruination going on around us.

America is a declining Superpower and on its way to Third-World status. But who cares as long as my credit card isn't maxed...

Jim Baca said...

Well, we did elect Obama. That was smart.