Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cadigan Was Next

City Councilor Mike Cadigan pulled out of the Mayors race on Sunday....answering my question from Saturday on who would follow Debbie O'Malley. The irony here is that Cadigan was the sponsor of the city charter change that put this ridiculous system in place where you have to get 3500 $5 contributions to get public financing for the campaign. I have always said that was impossible. Now only Richard Romero is still in there slugging away at accruing those donations. Rob Dixon, who I like a lot, is going the signature route for nomination....he will need 8,000 to be safe. That is a big task too. If I were a lot of these candidates I would be looking over the validity of all their opponents five dollar donors to make sure it was the donors money that was actually put into the campaigns.

We could actually end up with no one running for Mayor before this is over.

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