Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bad Form

I happened to watch some local TV news last night. I was surprised to see a story that didn't involve sexual deviates or drunk driving checkpoints. What I did see was some incredibly bad form shown by City Councilor Mike Cadigan. He apparently ran to the press after being visited by an FBI agent who was asking questions about Mayor Marty Chavez's dealings with a contractor with the City Aviation Department. All of that aside, I was disappointed in the interviews that Cadigan gave regarding the meeting with the G-man. It just looked to me like sour grapes from a Councilor who doesn't like the Mayor. I have always liked Cadigan because I think deep down he always wanted to do the right thing. This however showed little class. Hopefully, it wont endanger the investigation. If there is anything to it then it will come out soon enough.

In the meantime it looks like the Mayor's ability to raise money from city employees is impressive. What gets promised in return? Check in at union negotiation time.

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