Thursday, April 16, 2009

Connect the Dots

The ultra conservative group Freedom Watch organized yesterday's 'tea parties' around the country. It is headed up by former and disgraced right wing nut Congressman Dick Armey of Texas. Oil companies run Texas and their delegations. A half page ad in today's Albuquerque Journal from the oil and Gas industry decries the though of higher taxes on fossil fuels. The state Republican Chairman, Harvey Yates is a big time oil and gas producer in this country and was quoted as saying we have to stop spending money or taxes will go up. I just love conspiracy theories where you can sort of connect the dots.

Think about it. The last GOP chairman in this state, Allen Weh, made millions from the Iraq War by chartering airplanes for the government. Heather Wilson, former Congresswoman, is making big bucks working for defense industries who she supported so strongly while in office.

The last eight years of the republican administration under bush and cheney got us into this mess. Now the ultra conservatives are trying to stop Obama from getting us out of this mess. I could ramble like this forever.


AHD said...

Mr. Baca - Could you please link the source of that graph. I am no neo-conservative apologist but I'd like to see exactly where this graph is from. President Bush opened the door to this mess but obama's policies aren't much different, in fact they are worse. I am no ultra conservative but I am a concerned young citizen. Where will this spiral of outrageous debt end?


Meg said...

Interesting that your analysis stops at 2010, ignoring the fact that, under President Obama's budget, "deficits would remain above 4 percent of gross domestic product even after the economy recovers and that the national debt as a percentage of GDP would nearly double, from 42 percent in 2008 to 82 percent by 2019", according to the CBO.

phat-chance said...

lovely chart - I'll pass it along to my students in Social Problems. We've been discussing the budget. Students are more interested in this topic than they were 4 years ago.