Thursday, April 02, 2009


The Justice department has admitted Prosecutorial misconduct in its case against former Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska. They have asked to have the guilty verdict returned by a jury set aside. The US Attorney's offices around the country must be taking a long hard look at any high profile cases it has against politicos right now. Think Pete Domenici, Heather Wilson and Governor Bill Richardson. These are all cases where much has been made of alleged wrong doing, but so far after a long PR campaign in the media there has been no indictments and no word of when the process will wrap up. Is there evidence or not?

After a year or so of innuendo, the US Attorney's office here should say either way. One of the worse things about this process is the constant 'leaking' of information to the media. It can really ruin peoples reputations with out ever having to go to trial. Having said that, things have been very quiet the last few weeks. Maybe the Obama administration has insisted that these leaks cease?

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