Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Memo to the GOP

It might be time for the Republican Party of New Mexico to update their website. They are still listing all of their elected officials as being in office from last year. You know, Domenici, Pearce, and Wilson. I know the Republicans like to stick their head in sand sometimes, (dont we all) but really after 100 days they just need to deal with reality. It is like their attitude with Climate Change. Their head is in the sand while other orifices in their body continue the mantra of 'drill baby drill.'

There is a frightening story in the Albuquerque Journal by John Fleck today on research into the die off of our Pinon forests. The researchers indicate that the warming climate is responsible. That spurred me to go to the GOP website to see what they think about climate change. I guess they don't think about it. So then I went to the Democratic Party website. There was nothing on climate change there either. Their elected official list was mostly up to date, although I saw nothing there about Congressman Ben Ray Lujan.

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