Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Verb

As we were tramping through the bosque this morning on the Rio Grande my friend and I decided to change a noun to a verb. A few examples of this might be the word was changed to googled, as in "I used google to google you." Or, the noun screw....'they turned the screw on him to they really screwed him."

Now we have decided one good way to really discredit FOX news and all the assholes who work there is to turn the word FOX into FOXED. As in "the fox ate the rabbit to, that rabbit really got foxed."

Now when ever FOX news and its right wing nut employees and editors do a character asassination on anyone in the center or left....or even moderate right, everyone should say the victim was FOXED. Lets make that word stand for the idea of putrid journalism. If this could catch on then every time you used the word FOXED it would be an insult to Fox news and its network. Lets turn their logo and name into a negative. We need to do such a good job on this that it gets into the Webster Dictionary as a new verb.

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