Monday, April 06, 2009

Home Again

We had a great weekend in Austin. Excellent Bar B Q at a local dive. Driving around hill country. A really nice hike down a creek for about 5 miles ending up at a Whole Foods for coffee. (The mother of all Whole Foods by the way)

The best time was spending time in a museum that reminds one that times never change. They just repeat. The LBJ library is a step back into the 60s. It traces LBJ's career from childhood to death, but it really emphasizes the political turmoil and change of that incredible decade. Walking through the exhibits and arriving at the year 1968 I was reminded of the horrible events of that year. Every time something happened that would make you think things couldn't get any worse, they then promptly got worse. The Tet Offensive in Viet Nam, Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy, Chicago Riots....sheesh.

Looking at what we have going on in this country right now doesn't look quite as bad when compared to that year. And we have an intelligent President out amongst world leaders. That helps improve things too.

If you get to Austin you should make time for that museum and library.

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Dr. Know said...

Been there, done that. And of all the cities in Texas, Austin is definately the one to go to - notwithstanding the occupants of the Capitol. And the local newspaper is interesting as well.

Did you get to see/hear the bats under the bridge?